How to to get a Social Security Identification Number (NISS) in Portugal

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The Social Security Identification Number (NISS) gives people access to rights and offerings in Social Security program. Someone with a citizen’s card does not need to apply for an NISS because this number already appears on the citizen’s card.

For someone who does not have an NISS, there are two options: 

  • Free of charge: Foreign nationals who do not have an NISS can apply for one using the 'NISS NA HORA' service. The line is solely for scheduling the appointment with a local SS office. The SS officers can speak in English with foreign individuals.
    Note: For further guidance on how to get an NISS free of charge, please refer to this page and this guide in Portuguese (updated in 2022). There is an en English version here (updated in 2020) from the Social Security Authorities.
  • Through a provider: You can also hire this provider for a fee to assist in processing your NISS. They have a short delivery time of 5 days. 

Without an NISS, we cannot onboard an employee in Portugal.

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