How does Remote conduct employee verification?

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In the United Kingdom (UK), we are required to conduct document checks during the employee's onboarding. We've been doing the document checks in-person via video call with each new employee onboarded with Remote.

From 1 October 2022, in accordance with regulation changes in the UK, the process will change with an external provider conducting these checks digitally. If a digital ID check cannot be passed (due to an expired passport) we will need the original documents in-hand, to verify them. The digital documents check only applies to British and Irish nationals.

Foreign nationals will have their right to work verified using the Home Office Right to Work system by use of a 'Share code' provided by the employee.

Documents verification process for Employees

As part of the onboarding flow, the employee will be required to upload their right-to-work documentation, which will be verified.

Employee identification process for Customers

Once the employee's start date has reached, the Customer (company owner and company admins) will get an email notification to verify the employee. There will also be a notification banner on the Remote platform.

The Customer needs to confirm that this employee is the same person who started the role. To confirm the employee's identity,

  1. On your Remote dashboard, click on the employee verification alert.
  2. Once the drawer opens up on the side, click on Confirm. This means you're confirming that this is the same person who has started working.


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