Are there exceptions for an off cycle payment for countries where we run a semi monthly payroll?

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Currently, an off cycle payroll is only possible for countries where we run a monthly payroll and it’s run only once a month.

While we do not offer off cycle payroll runs in countries where we run a semi-monthly payroll, there are special cases where we can process an ad hoc payment:

  • If we mistakenly exclude a new hire.
  • If we missed approved expenses or incentives submitted by cut-off date (11th of the month, 11:59pm UTC)
  • Payments which have a legal requirement to be paid by a certain date
    • Severance payments
    • Termination payments

Payment dates

  • Payment date for the United States and Canada is the next business day.
  • Payment date for Brazil is within 10 days if it’s a termination.
  • Payment day for Mexico and Panama is within 5 days.

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