Is a health check required in the Czech Republic?

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Yes, it is mandatory for employees of the Czech Republic to carry out a health check before their start date. In the Czech Republic, health checks are handled directly through Remote. We have partnered with a provider to facilitate these health checks for all employees in the Czech Republic.

The Customer will cover the health check cost. It ranges between USD 55 to USD 67 per employee, depending on where the employee is located.

We will include this cost on the monthly invoice after the employee has successfully completed their health check. 

How frequently are health checks done in the Czech Republic?

Every new hire in the Czech Republic is required to carry out a health check during their onboarding. After this, a health check is done:

  • every 6 years for employees that are 49 years old or younger
  • every 4 years for employees > 50 years old only

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