I was included in an off cycle payroll run but the timeframe of my payslip is wrong

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In some countries, we are required to offer payslips for off cycle payments. In such a country, if an employee is automatically included in an off cycle payroll run for their first payroll, they will receive their first pay by the 10th of the month for the days worked in the previous month.

How payslips are issued for such payments varies across countries. In some countries, we issue a payslip in the same month the off cycle payment is made. In other countries, we will issue payslip for the previous month.

For example, an employee who is onboarded by 16 August with a start date of 20 August will:

  • Automatically be enrolled in an off cycle payroll run.
  • Will receive their first salary by 10 September.
  • In some countries, the off cycle pay period on the payslip will be September, because that’s when the payment is made, while in other countries it might be August, because it still refers to the August payroll.

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