How do I choose a TEAM plan on Remote?

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You're able to choose a TEAM plan when adding a new employee to your company account.

In this article, we will cover how to: 

Choose TEAM plan

  1. During the add a new employee flow, you get to choose a TEAM plan from the Pricing plan step. By clicking on Continue, you'll be able to schedule some time with a Sales team member so they can assess your needs and advice on the best type of TEAM plan to get you started. 


  2. Once you've finalised the details with the Sales team member, they will set up your TEAM plan which you will then need to approve from your dashboard. 

Approve TEAM plan

  1. To approve your TEAM plan, click on the dashboard notification, review the details of the TEAM plan, then click on Confirm.


  2. Once your TEAM plan has been set up, you can continue adding new employees to the TEAM plan from the Onboarding tab.


  3. By clicking on Finish and invite, you will be asked to confirm if you want to add this employee to the TEAM plan or switch them to a single employee plan.


If you set your TEAM plan to start in the future, you will be unable to add employees to the TEAM plan. Employees can only be added to a TEAM plan that is active.

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