How Customer Onboarding Works


In a nutshell, this is what you need to know: Getting started on the Remote platform is quick and easy. By setting up your account, you're able to start adding employees and contractors to your company account.


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What is the customer onboarding process like?

We have simplified the onboarding process to make it easy and straightforward to get set up on Remote. During the onboarding process you will be required to go through the following steps:

  1. Select your main goal for using Remote
  1. Add your personal details & create a password
  1. Confirm your email
  1. Enter your company details
  1. Enter your company address
  1. Your company profile is complete! 🎉

I did not receive the confirmation email? What do I do?

If you've checked your spam and still didn't receive the confirmation email, please reach out to us at help@remote.com so we can offer assistance.

What happens after my company profile is complete?

You will be prompted to go to your company dashboard. On the dashboard, you will see several tasks that need to be completed such as:

  • Signing the Master Services Agreement (MSA)
  • Adding employees and/or contractors
  • Adding a payment method

Is it compulsory to sign the MSA immediately?

You do not have to sign the MSA immediately and especially if you are not the company's legal representative. You have the option of downloading the MSA for review before proceeding to sign it. Once you're done reviewing it, you will be able to review the company details once again before signing.

What if I'm not the company's legal representative?

If you're about to sign the MSA but you're not the company's legal representative, after reviewing the company details, you have the option of inviting the company's legal representative to the platform. They will receive an email to log on to Remote and sign the MSA.


Why is my account still in "Review"?

If up to 72 hours after signing the MSA, your account has not been set as active, please reach out to us at selfenrolment@remote.com so we can offer assistance.

I've added a team member. Why am I unable to send out the invite to them?

After the MSA is signed, we conduct a Know Your Business (KYB) check to verify the information provided after which, you'll be able to send out the Remote invites to your team members.

Will I be able to send out contracts to employees as soon as the MSA is signed?

After the MSA is signed, and the employee's details have been added on the Remote platform, our sales team will begin preparing the SLA for this employee. We can send the employee their employment agreement only after the SLA has been signed.

How do I invite an individual as an admin to our company account?

You can invite members of your team as admins from the "Company Details" tab on the Remote platform. We have an overview of the process: