Paying Employees for Incentives Beyond Their Salary


In a nutshell, this is what you need to know: You can make one-time payments to any employee or schedule future payments for an employee in seconds within Remote. You can schedule payments, edit or delete incentives within Remote until the 10th of the effective payroll month.

For Customers

I’m excited! How do I get started?

We’re excited too! We’ve integrated the ability to pay commissions, bonuses, stipends, allowances and other one-time payments outside of salary right into our payroll platform. Within Remote, you simply click Incentives and select Create Incentive Payment. Then fill in the details and submit the on-screen form.

Not sure you’re in the right place? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Check out the instructional video below:

What types of incentive payments can I make to employees?

When adding an incentive payment in Remote, you must specify the type of incentive: bonus, commission, allowance, stipend, or other. The “other” selection can be used to pay employees for unused time off reimbursements, referral rewards, and other incentives unique to your organization.


Can incentive payments be scheduled for the future?

Yes. When adding an incentive payment in Remote, you must specify the payroll month the payment gets applied to. So you can choose to pay the employee as soon as possible in the first available month or schedule the payment for a later paycheck.


Can I set up recurring incentive payments for employees?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. Keep an eye out for this new functionality coming soon!

I want to pay an incentive this month but I’m not able to select it in the form. Why?

All expenses and incentive payments must be submitted by the 10th of the month in order to be paid to employees during that month. So if it is past the 10th, the first available option to pay the incentive will be the following month.

Will I need to select the employee’s local currency?

No. Remote is set up to automatically detect the employee’s local currency, and you will see that currency reflected when submitting the incentive payment form.


Can I pay incentives to contractors?

Not yet. Currently, you would need to ask the contractor to generate an invoice for the amount, then have them submit the invoice so this can be paid out to them.

Will the employee be able to see why they received the incentive payment?

The employee will not be able to see what type of incentive they received directly on their payslip. However, when the employee logs into Remote, they will be able to see the type of incentive selected as well as any notes you included when submitting the payment.

How can I track what incentives I have paid employees and when they were paid out?

Customers can quickly track their past and scheduled payments within the incentives section of Remote.


Can I pay incentives to multiple employees at once?

Not yet, but we’re working on it, so make sure you stay tuned in to our Product Updates newsletter.

Oh no! I made a mistake. Can I edit or delete an incentive payment after it is submitted?

Yes. You can edit or delete incentive payments within Remote until the 10th of the effective payroll month. After the 10th, you will not be able to make changes to incentives scheduled for that month’s payroll.