Remote for Good


In a nutshell, this is what you need to know: To advance our mission of building a global workforce, we are partnering with nonprofit organizations, charities and social enterprises by offering 25% off on our pricing for up to 10 employees for the entirety of your contract with us. They will also receive free contractor onboarding and payments. NOTE: Our paid Contractor Management offering launches in Q3. If we have SPOs with more than 10 contractors sign up before then, we will honor the free offer through the end of the year. Starting in 2022, we will charge for 11+ contractors.

Who qualifies?

To qualify for the Remote for Good program, your organization must either be a nonprofit, charity, social enterprise or benefit corporation with a mission to make a positive difference for social benefit. For a social enterprise, we will look for the social impact to be funded wholly or partly by reinvestment of profits made by the organization to create social capital.

What are you offering?

We are offering 25% off our global employment solution (EOR) costs for up to 10 employees for the entirety of the contract saving you ~$1788 annual savings based on country selection.

We are also offering free contractor management for up to 10 contractors for the entirety of the contract.

How can I confirm if my organization is eligible?

After you have signed up here, we will review your organization's eligibility during our verification check. Once we have done this, we will send you a confirmation email to let you know.

Can I participate if I'm already a customer?

Yes, you can if you are currently using our contractor service only. Please reach out to us at help@remote.com to determine if your meet the eligibility requirements of the program.

Is the discount for annual payments only or does it apply to organisations who want to pay monthly?

The discount applies to both billing models - monthly and yearly billing.

Does our 10% deposit fee still apply? Is the 10% calculated before or after discount?

Yes, the 10% deposit fee still applies as this is calculated based on the employee's annual gross salary. We use this to cope with unforeseen costs and is refundable at the end of the contract.

What happens if I add more than 10 employees?

Our offer of 25% our management fee is applicable for your first 10 employees with us. If you add more than 10 employees, they will be subject to the full rate for our management fee.

Does an education organization qualify for the Remote for Good discount?

It depends. The Remote for Good discount is industry agnostic, but it is important to understand the business structure. If the education organization is a nonprofit, charity, social enterprise or benefit corporation, then yes, they qualify.

What is the duration of the Remote for Good contract?

We don’t require long-term commitments or minimums to participate in the Remote for Good program. You are at liberty to terminate your contract with us at any point in time.

Does a government organization qualify for the Remote for Good discount?

At this time, the Remote for SPO discount is for nonprofits, charities, social enterprises or benefit corporations. We will assess the need for a government program if there is an increase demand.