In a nutshell, this is what you need to know: To terminate an employee through Remote, reach out to us and provide us with a termination notice containing the termination date, the reason for termination and information about the employee. We take care of all administrative work such as ceasing payroll, notifying local tax authorities and service providers.


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For employers

What information do you need to terminate the contract of an employee?

The information and documentation that we need to terminate the contract of an employee through Remote depends on the country the employee is located in. This is because the legal requirements for terminations differ between countries. However, we always need the following:

  • Date of contract termination
  • Reason for termination
  • Written termination notice

When processing the termination, we may request further information and documentation on a per-country basis to fulfill our legal requirements.

How do I initiate termination of employees through Remote?

To terminate an employee that is employed through Remote, reach out to us and let us know that you are intending to terminate an employee.

What are the notice periods?

Notice periods when terminating an employee's contract vary from country to country. We will inform you of the required notice period and ensure that it is followed as required.

Are there are any fees for terminations?

We do not charge any fees for terminating contracts of employees through Remote. However, any costs associated with terminations such as severance, pay for remaining vacation days, or legal fees if we have to go to court or similar will be charged to you as part of TCE.

How do you handle severance pay?

The legal requirements for severance pay depends on the country that your employee is located in. We fulfill all legal obligations to pay employees severance pay and any costs related to it will be charged to you in advance of the termination.

How do you handle unused vacation days?

In some jurisdictions, terminating an employee that has unused statutory vacation days results in a payment being due for the unused vacation days. Any such payments are on the employer and we will charge it as part of TCE for the month in question.

For employees

How do I resign from my position?

Legal and documentary requirements when resigning from your position depends on the country that you are located in.

Overall, we will need you to email us - addressing our local entity to which you are connected - with a signed Termination Letter specifying the following :

  • Date of resignation
  • Date of last working day

If anything is missing in that letter , then our team will also guide you. The employment contract you signed with Remote has details on the process and we will assist you with the details of this process.

We will make you're successfully offboarded and that all matters are handled with the same attention and diligence as usual.

Reach out to us via help@remote.com for further assistance!


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