What types of data does Remote collect?

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There are three broad categories of data subjects Remote processes information about:

  • Client and vendor representatives: Largely limited to contact details.
  • Employees: Contact information such as email, physical address and telephone number; information about an individual's location such as country of residence, IP address; direct identifiers such as name, government-issued ID, photo, birthdate; information that identifies an individual's financial account or about an individual's remuneration such as bank account, salary, benefits; information about education and professional career; information about emergency contacts such as name, surname and contact details of emergency contact; information about marital status and number of dependants; information communicated to or from an individual such as email conversations; special category personal data such as biometric data in the form of face scans for our identity verification process (KYB and KYE) and health data such as employee disability, pregnancy, absence due to sickness, etc.
  • Contractors: Only the information displayed on our platform.

For further information, including the lawful grounds we rely on to process personal data, please see our online privacy policy.

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