Guide: What information do I need to prepare to start Payroll with Remote in India?

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During the “2. Customer Information Collection” stage, we will ask you to provide some required documents and fill out our form with your company, payroll, and employees’ details. Here's the information you need to get started.

We're going to ask several items during this stage, and here's how you'd be able to prepare. 

Company Information

    • Company name

    • Business address

    • VAT number

      • 15 characters, including 1 or 2 letters

      💻  Visit the official website here to read more about VAT numbers in India.

Legal Representative Information

    • Company field of work

    • Does the company have a collective agreement?

    • Please share supporting documents

Collective Bargaining Agreement (Labor Agreement)

    • Type of business, industry
    • Do you have a collective agreement?
    • Please share supporting documents

Company Information

    • Do you have an India bank account?
    • Are you registered with the Employee Provident Fund Organization?
    • Are you set up with the Pension Regulator and have a pension provider?
    • Are you registered with a medical aid provider?
    • Is the company registered for PAYE?
    • Do you have both a TAN and PAN number?

Additional Question

    • Do any employees work hourly or on shifts?
    • When do you like want to start using the Remote Payroll service? (Your anticipated first payday month)
    • What is your contractual/agreed pay date?
    • Do you need any support with your HR tasks (contracts creation, amendments etc) or benefits management (enrolling employees, paying premiums, arranging contracts) from Remote?

Please note

    • Would you be able to pay your employees using a bank file from Remote? Remote does not make payments on behalf of your company at the moment.
    • Remote won't be making payments on behalf of the customers. Currently, we can only support customers who are willing to use our platform and who will allow their employees to do so, since the product is not ready for any other option. As we currently do not support integrations, the employees need to activate their profiles, enter incentives, and more on Remote.

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