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To help go through the verification process successfully, we have put together this guide. 

This article will cover: 

  • Supported web browsers
  • Suggest devices
  • Camera and microphone browser permissions
  • Verification checklist

Supported web browsers

Chrome, Firefox Brave, Safari, Internet Explorer 11+, Edge

Suggested devices

You can use any device with a supported web browser that has a camera and a built-in microphone. You can use your mobile device as well.

Camera and Microphone Browser Permissions

  • If your browser has restrictive default camera/microphone permissions or you have blocked access to your on-device camera/microphone and/or have blocked all video autoplay, you may have trouble going through the verification process.
  • If you are seeing a black screen when trying to use your camera, then double-check your camera permissions and auto-play permissions in your settings.
  • Browser Camera and Auto play settings should be: "Ask when a site wants to ..." rather than "Blocked".
  • Cross-check to make sure our website is not on your "Block" list.

Verification checklist

  • Make sure the camera lens is uncovered or not covered in fingerprints and is clean.
  • Make sure the room you're sitting in is well-lit, and the light is not too bright or coming from behind your back. This way, your camera will have enough light for a clear and sharp photograph. Bad photographs (blurry, noisy, over or underexposed) may lead to failing the verification process.
  • Remove headphones, glasses, or any head gear that will make a comparison between your ID photo and a live one more difficult.
  • Please go through the verification process on your own. Any person walking in/out of the frame while you're doing the verification might lead to a failed verification.
  • Make sure the photo taken is sharp and readable. We'll provide the on-screen frame to hold the document in - just be steady for a few seconds while it's being recorded. If in doubt, please re-take the photo.
  • Check that the ID used for verification is valid (not expired or physically damaged in any way).

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