What does the implementation process look like for Payroll with Remote?

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The average timeline to implement the Remote Payroll solution is 6 weeks.

Here is what your weeks look like during the implementation process:

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Week 1: Meet your Implementation Team to kick off the project

  • You will receive a welcome email from your Implementation Specialist
  • Project planning for successful implementation: We will define your goals, specify tasks, and set deadlines and milestones.
    • Once the Payroll contract has been signed, we can officially launch the Payroll implementation! You will have a dedicated Payroll Implementation Specialist from Remote who will guide you through the process until go-live.
    • Your dedicated specialist will share a Payroll customer journey deck, a detailed project timeline, and a secure client folder via G-drive to transfer required documents.
    • Necessary information and data collection: We will ask you to fill our country-specific files to gather all the necessary information.

Week 2: Information Collection and Payroll Calendar Set Up

  • We will review the data you shared in the step above, ensuring that all required information has been collected.
  • Payroll calendar to be created and approved: We will work with you to determine the start and end dates of pay periods, monthly pay dates, and any other relevant milestones. The schedule will outline key dates to ensure employees are paid accurately and on time.
  • Confirm the payment options for salary payments, tax payments, and social security payments: We will request you with the bank file specifications.
  • Discuss how PTO is currently managed:
    • A customer who is transferring from another provider will be asked to provide Remote with the final PTO balances once the last payroll has been completed.
    • A new customer who is starting the payroll in the country for the first time will be asked to provide the employees’ PTO entitlement balance so we can pro-rate the balance according to the employee’s start date.
    • Existing customers who are switching from Remote EOR will see the final PTO leave balances payout on the EOR profile in the final month.
  • Benefits: Payroll will not offer the same benefits as EOR. We can assist by providing them with the necessary contacts of each benefits vendor Remote goes through in a country upon request. This allows customers to directly initiate negotiations and gain insights into the benefits themselves.

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Week 3: Customer Information Implementation

  • Information set up in the Remote platform:
    • We will review and set up the employee data in the Remote platform
    • We will create the finalized payroll calendar in the Remote platform and get your approval
  • Customer to review and approve the Remote reports

Week 4 & 5: Testing

  • Payment test: We will request to make a payment of 0.01 to all employees and confirm with each employee acknowledging the receipt of the 0.01.
  • Payroll Parallel testing (1-2 sets): Additionally, if you have existing payroll in the country with another provider, we will process a test run in parallel to your real payroll run, using the same input. In this testing we will:
    • test the input quality (format, correctness).
    • produce Remote’s parallel output reports.
    • reconcile Remote’s parallel output reports and your reports to make sure we captured all the requirements
    • The testing phase ensures a timely and accurate payroll. There will be 2 main testing activities.

Week 6: Feedback on payment/ parallel test, sample payslip, and gross-to-net report

  • Parallel results approval: We will provide you with output reports and reconciliation results to for your approval.
  • Agree on the date for activating the legal entity: Once the Payroll features have been activated the employees will automatically receive an email prompting them to create their employee profiles.

The remainder of the week is designated for corrections, addressing final questions, and resolving any queries related to the project

Go Live

  • We will need to receive the live input data from you by the date agreed on the payroll calendar to review live input data.
  • Live payroll processing: Remote is ready to proceed with your official payroll processing following the approved payroll schedule.
  • Live payroll approval: We will process output in the Remote platform and share it for your approval. You will review live results and provide feedback as needed.
  • Live payroll payments: We will share the bank file for you to load the bank file.
  • Live pay date
  • Handover: Your dedicated implementation specialist will oversee the first payroll run. The Remote Payroll Operations team will shadow them to ensure a smooth transition and seamless experience.
    • You will receive an email from your Payroll Specialist to confirm the successful payroll implementation and introduce your Country Lead.


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