How time tracking works for Contractors

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Time tracking allows contractors to log the number of hours they work each week, save and export these hours as a CSV as well as create invoices from the tracked time.

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How Contractors can use time tracking in Remote

  1. To log your hours from your Remote dashboard, click on the Time tracking tab.
  2. You will see the current week where you can add time periods worked, breaks and notes to each time period. Time periods marked as Break do not count towards total hours worked for the day or towards invoice totals. Public holidays are labeled for convenience, but you can still log your hours on these days.

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  3. Once you’ve added your hours, click Save. Saving or exporting your time entries does not share it with your company and does not lock the time entries. You can make changes to your tracked time as long as no invoices have been submitted for the given days.

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How to create invoices from Time Tracking

  1. When you’re ready to create your invoice from tracked time, click on “New Invoice” in the top-right corner of the “Time Tracking” page or go to the “Invoices” page to start the process. In the invoice modal, select “Use time tracking”. Specify the date range you would like to invoice for as well as the name for the invoice item. 

    a) Your total hours will be calculated automatically. Only regular and on-call hours are added up when calculating total number of hours across a time range.
    b) Your hourly rate will be locked if it’s pre-defined by your company. If the company hasn’t set your hourly rate, you will be able to add it on your end.

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  2. Your invoice will include a breakdown of your hours on the second page. You can preview the invoice and the hourly breakdown by clicking “Preview” at the bottom of the invoice modal.Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 6.38.46 PM.png
  3. If everything looks good, click “Submit”. A new invoice will be created and the time entries you added to the invoice will be locked. If you need to make any changes to the invoice or the time entries associated with it, you will have to delete the invoice and restart the process or ask the company to decline the invoice.

How to export timesheets

  1. To export your timesheet, click on Export CSV, select the Daily breakdown or Weekly timesheet and customize the export according to your needs by selecting all the columns you’d like to include in the report.
  2. Once you’ve customized your report accordingly, click on the Export CSV button to download the file.

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