How does IR35 work?

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The UK introduced new legislation to change a tax loophole and redefine certain relationships between contractors and companies. If you employ workers or have contractors in the UK (or if your company is based in the UK), you should know how the new IR35 rules could affect your business.

We have compiled a guide on how IR35 works and how this can affect your business.

How can I keep my IR35 data organized in Remote?

To evaluate the IR35 status of your contractors, you can use the official guidance provided by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Once you have determined the IR35 status for each contractor, we recommend you upload the result to the contractor’s profile on Remote.

How to Upload Your Contractor's IR35 Status on Remote

  1. Navigate to the contractor’s profile on Remote.
  2. Under Contractor Status, edit the field IR35 Status and input the applicable status (inside, outside, or exempt).
  3. By storing the IR35 status of each contractor on Remote, you can ensure easy access to this critical information and maintain compliance with regulations.



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