How to view upcoming employee payroll

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Making sure payroll is correct is important for your business and your team members.

Remote makes it simple to see the payroll impact for every employee, whether they’re hired via Remote’s EOR entities or your own entities using Remote’s Global Payroll product.

To understand the payroll elements involved for an employee in their next upcoming payroll:

  1. Visit the Payroll page in Remote, and click to the Employees tab.

  2. You’ll see a list of upcoming employee payments, sorted by pay date, along with their gross pay, net pay, and total cost.

  3. You can also see the status of the payroll run. If the employee is paid via your own entities using Remote’s Global Payroll product, you’ll need to approve payroll for your entities.

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  4. Click the ... against an employee and select Pay details.

  5. You’ll see an overview of the payroll outputs for the employee at the top of the screen, broken down by salary, benefits, incentives, and expenses.

  6. Under Pay elements, you can see a list of the incentives, expenses, and other pay elements of note.

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