Remote Freelancer Hub: How to Invite a Client to Remote

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To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Invite your first client to use the Remote Contractor Management platform. You are prompted to do so in your To-Do list (as shown below), and can also send an invite from the Clients page.

    New users on Remote Freelancer Hub will have limited access as they need to have an active contract with an employer in Remote to be able to use all the Freelancer Hub features in the platform.Untitled.png

  2. Click on Add first client
    Untitled (1).png
  3. You can send an invitation to a client to join Remote by inputting the company name and email.
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  4. After sending an invitation to the client, they will appear in the Clients table with an Invited status. Once the client successfully onboards to Remote and has an active contract agreement, their status changes to Contract Agreement Active. The Client status will update according to the contract agreement's status.

    See the different statuses and their meanings below:

    Invited This means that the client has not created their Remote account yet
    Awaiting your signature This means the client sent the Contractor a contract that is pending their signature
    Awaiting client signature This means the Contract is pending client's signature 
    Contract agreement active This means both parties have signed the Contract
    Contract agreement terminated This means the Contract has been terminated
    Contact agreement deleted This means the Contract has been deleted

    untitled 13.png
  5. Once you’ve sent the invite, an email will be sent to the client asking them to sign up to Remote’s Contractor Management platform.
    a. Clients who do not have an existing account with Remote will be prompted with the complete onboarding flow as soon as they sign up. If the client is already a Remote user, they can log in instead of signing up and bypass the client onboarding process.

    Untitled (12).png

  6. After a client signs up or logs into Remote as an employer, they'll see reminders in the Things to Do section and also have app notifications. These reminders will ask them to send and sign an agreement with the contractor who invited them. When they click on these reminders, they'll go to the existing 'Invite Contractor' process. The contractor's details will already be filled in.

    Untitled (6).png

  7. You will receive an invitation from your client to sign the agreement (via email and in-app notification). As part of this, you will have to complete the remaining onboarding steps as a Contractor(personal details, ID verification, supporting documents, etc.)
    a. Once you have completed onboarding for your first client, the details from all your onboarding steps will be saved and used the next time you go through the process. You can re-use your existing information or amend it as you go through the onboarding process for your next clients.
    Untitled (7).png
  8. Once the contractor and employer have an active agreement in place, the contractor will gain full access to the platform. The contractor can use the “Account Switcher Icon” at the top left of the navigation bar to select;
    a. Freelancer Hub - this gives the Contractor a global view of all their clients via the Clients page.
    Untitled (10).png
    b. An individual client - this gives the Contractor access to all the pages in the platform (Invoices, Documents, Time Off, etc.) with the data and actions available filtered for the selected client.
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