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Once access has been granted and the integration shows as active, you will need to manually select the Sync data button so that the most recent finalized invoices that have been paid will be synced to Xero.

Note: Reconciliation invoices are finalized between the 1st and 5th of the following month.


  1. The fields in the invoice will map to Xero and create a draft of a Supplier Bill under the Business tab in the Bills section.


  2. The PDF of the invoice will also be attached in Xero.
  3. The status of the sync will be reflected in Remote. If the sync has failed, details will be provided so it can be retried.Invoice Syncing Status in Remote.png
  4. Once the integration is activated, data changes may take several minutes to sync from Remote to Xero. If you wish to force new data changes to sync right away, you can manually select the Sync data button to initiate it.

Data field mapping in Remote and Xero


Remote Xero Note
Issue Date Date  
Payment Due Date Due Date  
Invoice Supplier Bill  
EOR Entity From  
Customer Name + Address N/A  
Invoice Number Reference Having the same invoice number as reference helps the customer keep track and trace the invoice if necessary.
Total Due (Currency) Amount (Currency)  
Line items Description Each line item from the reconciliation invoice will correspond to a single row on the column ‘Description’
Amount (individual line items) Unit Price  

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