How to set up the Xero integration

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Before you get started, you need to ensure you have the correct user permissions to configure the integration in both Remote and Xero.

  • In Remote: You will need to be either a Company Owner or a Super Admin role in Remote to enable the integration.
    See also: User permissions overview
  • In Xero: You will need to have either Standard or Adviser level user permissions in Xero to enable the integration.

Once permissions are confirmed, complete the following steps to enable the integration:

  1. On the Remote platform, click Integrations under the Company section.
  2. Navigate to Xero and click Add.


  3. You will be taken to Xero and prompted to login. Once logged in, select your organization and click Allow access.

  4. You should then be redirected back to Remote and the integration will display as successfully connected.

If you receive an error message while attempting to complete the connection flow, please retry or contact the Remote Support team at

Configure the Chart of Accounts

Once the integration is enabled, Remote can read a customer's Chart of Accounts data from Xero. Invoice line items can be assigned to a corresponding account once Remote invoices are synced to Xero as draft bills.

Chart of Accounts.png

Select the invoice line items from each dropdown and map it to your accounts already configured in Xero. Once configured, each time an invoice syncs the line item data will automatically be mapped to the correct account in Xero.

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