What can the different company users do on Remote?

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When creating a company account on Remote, the person who creates the account is automatically made the "company owner". When a new team member is added, they can be added either as a company admin or company viewer. This means that there are three types of user roles that are possible: company owner, company admin, and company viewer. You can have multiple company admins and viewers but there can be only one company owner.

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Types of Assignments

On Remote, we have two types of assignments that a company user can be linked to. It is not compulsory for every company user to have an assignment. When a company user (owner, admin, viewer or people manager) is linked to an assignment, it doesn't replace their existing permissions. For example, when a company admin is also made a billing contact, the person maintains their admin permission.

  • Authorized Representative: The person with written authorization to sign legal agreements on behalf of the company including the Master Service Agreement (MSA). There can be only one authorized representative. When an authorized representative is added to Remote, they are automatically made a company admin.
  • Billing Contact: The person responsible for all billing-related topics such as invoices, payments. The billing contact can be assigned to more than one user. This person will also receive an email notification when a new invoice is uploaded.

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What company users can do

Company Details        
Edit company details
Add company user
Edit the role of a company user
Delete company user
Upload company document
View company documents
Team Page        
Add employees/contractors
View employee's contract details
View employee's payslip
View employee's signed contract ✅ 
Customer Onboarding        
Sign the MSA ✅ (must be the company's authorized representative) ✅ (must be the company's authorized representative)
Add a payment method
View payment methods set up
Approve/decline contractors' invoices
Approve payment for EOR invoice through the automatic payment method
View EOR invoices
Time-off (PTO)        
Approve/decline time off
View time-off requests
View expenses
Approve/decline expenses
Add incentive
Setup integration
Disable integration



Custom Fields      





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