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You can make people at your company admins and assign them different roles and permissions. This allows the users to view and/or take certain actions on behalf of the company.

One common example is adding people managers and assigning direct reports (i.e. employees that report to them). This helps you stay organized and ensures requests like time off and expense reimbursements are going to the right people for approval.

Adding admins

  1. You can add a user as an admin on your account from the Admins & Permissions tab
  2. Click on the Add new button, then choose Company admin.


  3. Fill out the details of this company admin and what their role will be. You can also create a customized role for them if none of the default roles we have work for you.
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  4. Once you send out the invite, the person will receive an email invite to create their account
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Alternative way to assign a manager to an employee

From the employee’s profile, go to the Job tab and, next to Manager, click Edit. Type in the name of the Manager you want to assign to the employee. If the manager isn’t already an admin, answer some simple questions and we’ll send an email inviting them to become one.

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If someone is already an admin and you want to assign employees as their direct reports, go to the Admins & Permissions tab and, next to their name, click the three dots icon. In the Reports section, click Add a report, search for the employee’s name, and click Save.

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