When is the payroll cutoff?

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The payroll cutoff is the deadline by which Remote must receive notifications about changes to be reflected in an employee's salary for that month. This relates to onboarding new hires, paying out incentives and approved expenses and overtime compensation.

In certain countries where we run a semi-monthly payroll (e.g: Canada, Mexico etc), we have a different cutoff for incentives and expense reimbursements.

To ensure such payroll items are paid out in the same month they are submitted, they need to be inputted on the platform no later than the 11th of the month, 11:59 PM UTC, or the Friday before the 11th if the 11th falls on a weekend or public holiday. If this deadline is missed, the request may be processed in an off-cycle payroll run.

Note: Exceptions to the standard payroll cutoff dates include Bulgaria and Germany, as well as other countries with semi-monthly payroll schedules. In Bulgaria, the cutoff is on the last day of the month. The cutoff date for Germany changes each month.

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When it comes to changes to an existing employee’s contract, this will require a contract amendment. The deadline for requesting a contract amendment is the 5th of the month.

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