What is Fair Contractor Pricing?

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With Fair Contractor Pricing, Customers only get billed when we’ve delivered value. This means you will only be charged subscription fees for billable contractors. We consider a contractor billable only when they have completed at least one of the following three activities in a given month:

  • Signed a contract
  • Submitted an invoice 
  • Received a payment

A contractor's invoice is marked as "Paid out" when we've disbursed the funds to their account. We have no control over when the money will enter their account.

Starting December 1st, 2022 (covering your November subscription fees) and every month thereafter, you will be charged $29 per billable contractor.

If an active contractor does not complete any of the three activities outlined above, you will not be charged a subscription fee for them.

In the event of nonpayment of invoices within stated terms, Remote will take escalating measures based on the overdue nature of your account, such as pausing the ability to:

  • Add new employees and contractors
  • Approve expenses for employees
  • Pay incentives
  • Pay contractor invoices
  • Request Contract amendments
  • Exercise your Contractor Management Plus indemnity coverage
  • Offboard your Remote employees

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