What is the Allianz benefits enrollment process for new joiners?

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As an employee, once you've completed your onboarding, you will receive a welcome email from ThanksBen to create an account within the first week of your start date.

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Enrollment Process

  1. Sign-up email from ThanksBen: The email could end up in your spam, so it's important to check there as well. Once you've been given the opportunity to enroll in the plan, there is a 30-day enrollment window. Once this has passed, you can no longer enroll until the group renews (in May of the following year). This is a requirement to avoid people from subscribing to the coverage only when they plan to use it.

    • Remote does a bulk upload of new joiners’ information into the ThanksBen platform every Wednesday. This means if someone joins on Thursday, we will send the email by the following Thursday.
    • They can start using the insurance from the date of joining Remote (start date).
  2. Sign-up email from Allianz: After enrolling on the ThanksBen platform, it may take several weeks for the employee to receive the welcome email from Allianz. Once the enrollment process between Remote, ThanksBen and Allianz is complete, the employee will receive a confirmation email from Allianz with their Allianz login set up.
  3. Allianz enrollment confirmation: The Allianz enrollment confirmation may not come through for 4-8 weeks. However, employees are entitled to use their health insurance retroactively to their employment start date.
    • If you need to contact Allianz directly, please have the group name (Remote), your name and date of birth ready so the Allianz team can assist you.

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Once you're enrolled in any of the Allianz benefits plans, you cannot modify your selection for one year or until the benefits contract renewal date.
During onboarding or open enrollment, the first charge for added dependents & BIK taxes (if applicable) will be on your payslip in the 2nd or 3rd month due to 30 day enrolment window & payroll cut-off dates.

Post Enrollment Support 

After signing up on ThanksBen, you can access their Support Center if you need assistance with any treatment. If you need treatment before you're on the Allianz system, you can contact ThanksBen team directly (and arrange it through them) through the chat function on their Support Center. They are really helpful and their response time is super quick!


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