How do I submit expenses on the Android mobile app?

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When submitting an expense on the Android app, you can either: 

Manually create your expense

  1. From the Android mobile app, click on the + sign to add a new expense.
  2. Click on Manually create.

  3. Fill out the relevant details of your expense.


  4. Click on Submit.

Upload or scan a receipt

When you take a picture of your receipt from the app or upload a picture of your receipt, the app scans the picture to pull the information used to fill out your expense request.

  1. Click on the + sign to add a new expense.
  2. Choose Upload a receipt.
  3. From your photo gallery, choose the expense receipt you'd like to upload. 
  4. The app will scan the image to pull out the relevant information which will be used to automatically fill in your request.
  5. At this point, you can decide to wait for the scan to be complete or exit the screen while the scan continues in the background.


  6. If you exit the screen, once the receipt scan is complete, you will need to fill out the missing information.
  7. Add the missing information and click on Submit.


Expense submission recommendations

  1. Submit expenses in the currency shown on the receipt.
  2. If an expense is declined, you can resubmit by editing the original submission.
  3. Submit different types of expenses separately to ensure smooth processing.

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