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To configure the Sequoia integration with Remote, on the Remote platform: Go to Settings > Integrations > HRIS > Remote > More > Edit Integration

  • Configure Data Mapping: Please review each employee record that is unmapped. For any employee that is not already in the Sequoia People Platform, you can create a new employee.
  • Manual Sync Trigger: While the integration pulls data from Lever into Sequoia once every 24 hours, you might face a situation wherein you don’t want to wait for the next day. In such cases you can trigger a manual sync from Lever to Sequoia. To do this, click on Sync Now on the top right area of the configuration page at any time. You should be able to see latest candidate data within 1 hour of triggering a manual sync.                            
  • View Run Status:  Click on Run Status to view the status of all sync operations (automated and manual). Note – Sync operations will fail if the Field Mapping is not completed.

  • Deactivate Integration: If you want the integration to temporarily stop syncing data from Remote to Sequoia, use this option.
    • Click on Actions in the top right corner
    • Click on Deactivate

    • Click on Confirm

    • Your integration will pause all sync operations, until you Activate it again
  • Delete Integration: If you want the integration to be deleted completely, so that the configurations are deleted and future sync operations don’t take place, use this option.
    • Click on Actions in the top right corner
    • Click on Delete
    • Click on Confirm

Note: This operation cannot be undone. Your integration configurations will be deleted forever. If you want to temporarily pause the integration, use the Deactivate option instead.

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