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This integration syncs employees onboarded on Remote to Sequoia, along with their data as displayed in the Customer Field Mapping.

Here is how the integration works once you have successfully set it up:

  • Create a new employee on Remote and have them onboard themselves successful. For the screenshots in this section, we have created a sample employee on Remote called John Doe.

  • When the daily sync occurs, new employees onboarded on Remote will be synced to Sequoia.
  • Find the employee on Sequoia by going to My People > Employees and search for the specific employee.

  • You will see the employee’s name and title as you entered it on Remote
  • Note: The integration assigns a default reporting manager to all employees synced from Remote.
  • Update the employee’s reporting manager by clicking on the employee, clicking on the edit icon next to the Reporting Manager field title, and updating the correct manager.

  • View the employee’s details as entered on Remote in the following sections -
    • Employee Details sidebar when you click on an employee name in the My People section

    • Sequoia organization chart

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