How to close a job or re-open a closed job

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You can close jobs or re-open them at any time.

In this article, we will cover the following: 

  • Close a job
  • Re-open a closed job

Close a job

Closed jobs are no longer accepting applications because the position has been filled or isn’t available anymore. You can close your open jobs anytime you wish. Closed jobs can be re-opened again, if needed.

  • To close your job, click on Close job for for a specific job on your Job overview page.


  • After confirmation, your job will be closed and moved to the Closed tab.


  • You can re-open the job if you want to.

Re-open a closed job

  1. To re-open a closed job, go to the Closed tab and click on Re-open job for for a specific job.

  2. Your job will then appear under the Open tab and will be saved as Unpublished. You can change the status anytime.

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