Are the costs of employee off-boarding included in the Cost Calculator?

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The Cost Calculator does not include any costs related to off-boarding of employees when providing estimations. This is because off-boarding costs can vary significantly in accordance with respective local laws, and are assessed on a case-by-case basis. We cannot predict these costs upfront.

While Remote does not charge any processing fees for terminating contracts through our platform, any other costs such as employee’s severance pay, covering remaining vacation days, or legal fees if we have to go to court or similar, will be charged back to you.

Some countries are less complex, cheaper and faster to off-board employees than others. Examples of possible off-boarding related costs that you may be liable for are (differs per country and are not limited to):

  • Normal salary up to termination date
  • Final expenses
  • Unused PTO
  • Severance pay (legal requirement depends on the country of the employee)
  • Legal fees (if any incurred by Remote when seeking legal advice related to the termination)
  • Payments in lieu of notice
  • Payments related to 13th/14th month salaries applicable to some countries

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