Required Leave-Related Information During Global Payroll Implementation in the Netherlands

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Here is the leave-related information we will be asking you during the “2. Customer Information Collection” stage.

In the Netherlands, statutory leave is regulated by the Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen – UWV (Employee Insurance Agency).

Other types of leave are specified in your collectieve arbeidsovereenkomst – CAO (collective labor agreement) or arbeidsovereenkomst (employment contract) and are regulated by employers.

1) Annual Leave for Full-Time Employees

  • How many annual leave days are employees entitled to per annum?
    • Statutory minimum leave entitlement is expressed in hours, and is calculated as four times the number of hours worked per week. For instance, if an employee works 40 hours per week throughout the year, they are entitled to 160 hours of leave per year, which equates to 20 days of leave.

2) Annual Leave for Part-Time Employees

  • How many annual leave days are employees entitled to per annum?
    • Part-time employees are entitled to a prorated leave, based on the number of working hours.

3) Annual Leave In General

  • Should leave accrual be pro-rated if an employee starts in the middle of a pay period?
  • Do employees accrue annual leave while on maternity/paternity leave?
  • Do employees accrue annual leave while on sick leave?
  • What happens if an employee uses all of their annual leave?
    • e.g. If an employee leaves the company with a negative balance of days/hours, those days/hours will be deducted from their final payslip.

4) Sick Leave

  • How is sick leave currently handled/calculated, and how much is covered in percentage of the wage?
    • You are required to pay at least 70% of their last earned wages for a maximum period of two years.
  • What happens after a year of an employee being sick?

5) Maternity Leave

  • How much percentage of the wages is covered?
    • Expecting mothers are entitled to 4-6 weeks of leave before the birth, and 10 weeks of leave after birth.
    • Visit the official website to read more details on maternity leave.
  • For how long are employees entitled go on maternity leave and be covered?

6) Paternity/Partner Leave

  • How much percentages of the wages is covered?
    • Paternity or partner leave is fully paid for 1 week, taken after the baby is born. This is paid by the employer. The additional partner leave is up to 5 weeks of leave paid at 70%.
    • Visit the official website to read more details on paternity/ partner leave.
    • e.g. 100% on the first week, and 70% up to the 5th week

7) Parental leave

  • How is parental leave currently handled and calculated?
    • During parental leave and long-term care leave, the employer is not bound by law to pay the employee’s salary. The CAO or employment contract may contain agreements on (partial) continued payment of the salary.
    • Visit the official website to read more details on parental leave.
    • e.g. Pay a part-time percentage of 80% and deduct 20% of the salary
    • CAO (Collective Agreements for Employment) are agreements between employers (or employers' organizations) and employees (trade unions). They cover topics such as wages, working hours, notice periods, and pensions.
  • Will the company still fully contribute to pension if the employee receives a percentage of the salary?

8) Other leave

  • Please specify if there are any other leave types that your company has and how it works

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