Guide for existing PAYE customers: What information do I need to start Payroll with Remote in the UK?

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During the “2. Customer Information Collection” stage, we will ask you to fill out our form with your company, payroll, and employees’ details. Here's the information you need to get started as an existing PAYE customer.

There are several items we are going to ask during this stage, and here's how you can prepare.

  1. Company Information(Click to read full details)
    This includes the company & its registration details, bank account details, employees' contracts and payslips, and we will ask you to share some required company and employee documents.
  2. Payment and Payroll Information (Click to read full details)
    This includes your payout information, payroll calendar employment structure, and reporting requirements.
  3. Leave-related Information (Click to read full details)
    This includes annual leave, sick leave, maternity Leave, paternity/partner leave, parental leave, and other leave.
  4. Pension Scheme Information (Click to read full details)
    We will be asking for your pension details. Pension registration is a requirement in the UK for most employers. In Global Payroll, customers are responsible for pension management, as it is not supported by Remote.

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