Why can’t I unsubscribe from Remote’s emails?

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You might have received an email informing you about service updates and wondered why this email didn’t have an unsubscribe button. These emails are known as transactional emails and are essentials for:

  • Effectively managing team and operational tasks.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal obligations under employment, social security, and other relevant regulations.

Why transactional emails do not include an unsubscribe option

Transactional emails are crucial for keeping you informed about essential operational aspects such as:

  • Employee benefits enrolment.
  • Policy updates and changes connected to our services.
  • Remote watchtower updates - compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

These are integral to maintaining the integrity and functionality of our services and keeping you updated, which is why they do not offer an unsubscribe option.

Handling marketing communications

Our marketing emails, which are separate from transactional communications, always include an unsubscribe button in compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations. This feature allows you to opt out of receiving promotional messages.

Tips for managing email frequency

We understand that managing a busy inbox can be challenging. To help control the flow of transactional emails, consider these suggestions:

  • Set up an inbox filter: This will automatically sort and direct emails from our organization into a designated folder.
  • Create a dedicated folder: Organize your emails better by dedicating a folder to our communications, ensuring important updates do not get lost among other messages.

While we continue to improve our email notification settings, these strategies can assist you in managing your communications more effectively.

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