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Automated Clearing House. A network used to electronically move money between banks and across the United States.


Account Executive. The sales representative assigned to your company account and in charge of all sales conversations


A person hired by your company to carry out services. They do not have a contract with Remote and are responsible for handling their taxes.


Customer Success Manager. A person within the Customer Experience team in charge of managing a company account post-sales.


Employment Agreement. A contract that is signed between Remote and the external employee.


External Employee. Someone employed through Remote on behalf of our client.


A legally established business in each country where we operate.


Employer of Record. A company that employs workers on behalf of the client. 


Knowledge Base. The library of information about Remote's products or processes. It helps our users find answers to their frequently asked questions.


Master Service Agreement. A contract that details the general responsibilities and obligations of two parties to each other. This is the first contract between Remote and the client.


Non-Disclosure Agreement. NDA's help ensure the employee does not reveal confidential information whilst working for the client.

Offer Letter

In some countries, this is typically sent to employees before the employment agreement. It functions much like a letter of intent that formally makes an offer of employment to an employee.


Professional Employment Organization. This is a service more common in the United States where the company and PEO "co-employ" the employee. Working with a PEO involves sharing the legal liabilities and outsourcing certain aspects of the HR function to them.


Single Euro Payments Area. A payment integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers denominated in Euros.


Service-Level Agreement. The SLA sets out the specific terms for Remote's employment of the employee.


Service Order. If a client wants to hire an additional employee in the same country, instead of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) we will issue a Service Order.


Total Cost of Employment. The total cost of employment is an estimate of how much it costs to hire someone in a particular country. The TCE estimate includes the employee's base salary, statutory contributions and Remote's management fee.

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