How does pairing Remote with Greenhouse help me?

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This new partnership will help simplify global employment from end-to-end for both recruiters and HR teams. Through this new integration, mutual customers can effortlessly connect Remote’s global employment solution with Greenhouse to securely sync and view candidate profile information from both accounts.

As part of the integration, our customers can look forward to:

  • Hiring and onboarding candidates from anywhere in the world, quickly and easily
  • Syncing updates to candidate profiles in Remote directly from Greenhouse’s platform
  • Streamlining data management to cut out duplicate tasks
  • Data security they can trust from two of the top leaders in HR

You’ll get a streamlined process that keeps all employee information accurate and up-to-date. Instead of wasting time on error-prone manual data entry, you can focus on helping new employees and contractors onboard and reach full productivity faster.

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