How to generate a standard employment verification letter on Remote

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When you need an employment verification or proof of employment, you can generate a standard one on Remote instantly.

If our standard template doesn't meet your needs, you can request a customized one instead. If you need Remote to fill out a specific form to verify your employment, you can upload the document as you're filling out the customized employment letter request. 

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To request and instantly receive a standard employment letter: 

  1. Go to the Requests tab.
  2. Click on New request and from the request type dropdown, choose Employment letter.
  3. Click on Continue to request.


  4. We have employment letter templates in about 11 languages. Choose the language you want and click on Create and download. See also: Is the standard employment letter template available in other languages?


  5. The letter will be downloaded to your device immediately. You can also access it from your Documents tab. 

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