Are we able to comply with UK/EU data protection laws about our customer and staff data using workers in country X where we’d like to recruit through Remote?

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Hiring through Remote doesn’t change your position for GDPR compliance. Team members hired through Remote should be treated as the client's team members for data protection purposes. The team members will work on client-issued computer equipment and under the client's direct management and supervision. Where applicable, such team members will process client customer data in accordance with the client’s instructions and be subject to the client’s authorisation. Such team members are part of the client's organisation and should not be treated as separate information recipients impacting the client’s existing data protection compliance programme: see examples 78 and 88 of EDPB Guidelines on controller and processor referred to above.

Further, Remote will never receive access to the information its assigned employees process in their day-to-day work for clients. As such, Remote will not process any client's customer data, neither as a controller, nor as a processor, nor as a sub-processor. We can confirm all employed team members are committed to confidentiality by default by their employment agreement with Remote and are obliged to comply with any and all client policies, including policies on information security and data protection.


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