How do we ensure employees process personal data (possibly on behalf of our clients) in line with our policies and applicable law?

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All employment agreements place a duty of confidence on all employees we assign to clients. All such agreements require employees to comply with ours and our clients’ policies, including policies on information security and data protection. It's important you inform employees of such policies.

Breach of the aforementioned provisions can be treated as a material breach of the relevant employment agreement and, as such, can lead to disciplinary action, including dismissal. Remote reserves the right to notify the appropriate law enforcement authorities of any unlawful activity and to cooperate with clients in any investigation of such activity.

In addition, clients may ask employees to enter into direct confidentiality agreements with them. Remote is also minded to consider a third party beneficiary clause in the relevant employment agreement for the benefit of the client, should that be considered necessary. Please note both solutions may increase co-employment risk.



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