What are the possible outcomes at the end of a probationary period?

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The end of the probationary period may give different outcomes, depending on the assessment of the employee based on the established key performance indicators (KPIs). The KPIs are a type of performance measurement of an employee in meeting their objectives as per their job description and key responsibilities.

It is always welcomed when the outcome is positive, and you are happy to keep the employee within your organization. However, the outcome may not be as expected (not meeting the expectation as per the KPIs). In such a situation, there may be a need to:

  • Extend the probationary period if the local law allows it. To do this, you need to submit a probation extension request.
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  • Outline a performance improvement plan (PIP) where the employee is given time and tools to improve their performance before the expiry of the probation period.
  • Terminate the employee due to their unsatisfactory performance during the probation period. No need for an extension. If you decide to go ahead with a termination, please submit a request so our team can guide you through the process. 
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In case you have any doubt on which step to follow, please reach out to help@remote.com and our dedicated team will guide you accordingly.

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