In what cases is an off cycle payment rejected?

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We can reject an off cycle payment request for the following reasons:

  • If the new hire is onboarded on or after the 25th of the month.
  • If it’s a payment with a net value of under $300.00 USD or equivalent local currency.
  • If the Customer entered in an incorrect incentive (bonus, commissions, allowances, stipends) amount:
    • For example, if we have already paid an incentive of 1,500.00 and 2,000.00 is the correct amount, we will pay the difference in the next payroll cycle.
  • Issue with taxation on payslip:
    • These require deep investigation by our internal teams
    • We also need to confirm with our partners and local authorities if indeed an error was made.
    • Due to the complexity, we will not refund any taxes owed. Instead, it will be treated in the next regular cycle.
  • Incentives submitted past the normal cut-off date of the 11th, as well as expenses approved past this date.

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