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On the Remote platform, all Global Payroll employees have a Payslip tab to access their payslips. Global Payroll Customers can view payslips to approve them before the payslips become available to employees. Access to an employee's payslip depends on the company user's role. 

In this article, we will cover the following:

Who has access to view payslips

By default, company users with the owner or admin, or viewer role have permission to view an employee's payslip. If a customized role is created with the appropriate permissions, then the company user will have access to an employee's payslip.

Payslip view (Employees)

Whenever a new payslip is available, employees will always receive an email notification. Payslips can be customized with the company's logo.

Employees can view their payslips from the Payslips tab in the Remote platform.


Payslip view (Customers)

A company user with the right permissions can access an employee's payslip by going to the employee's profile by entity levels.


With the following steps, you can view payslips by entity level through the corresponding payroll runs: 1. Go to the Run Payroll page then click on Payroll runs.


3. From the Overview section, you can see the payslips per employees if you scroll all the way to the right.


4. From the Documents section, you will find a payslips file containing the payslips of the employees, which correspond with the employee names and numbers of the selected payroll run.



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