Payroll: What is CBA (Collective Barraging agreements) in Spain?

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The CBA (Convenio Colectivo de Trabajo) is a legally binding agreement between employers and employees or their representatives such as labor unions. It establishes the terms and conditions of employment for workers within a specific industry or sector in Spain.

This agreement covers various aspects such as wages, working hours, benefits, vacation time, and other employment-related matters.

Based on the company's field of operation, collective agreements can be divided into two types: Sectoral Collective Agreements and Company Collective Agreements:

  • Sectoral Collective Agreements (Convenios Colectivos Sectoriales): These agreements are negotiated at the industry or sector level and apply to all companies operating within that sector. Sectoral collective agreements cover a wide range of issues including wages, working hours, holidays, health and safety regulations, and other employment conditions specific to the sector.
    1. National Collective Agreement (Convenio Colectivo Estatal): This agreement sets the minimum standards for employment within a particular industry or sector.
    2. Regional Collective Agreement (Convenio Colectivo Autonómico): Some industries or sectors may also have regional collective agreements that supplement or modify the terms established in the national agreement. These agreements apply only to companies operating within the specific autonomous community or region where the agreement is applicable.
  • Company Collective Agreements (Convenios Colectivos de Empresa): These agreements are negotiated at the company level between the employer and with their employees or labor unions within a particular company, provided they meet or exceed the standards set by the national and regional agreement. Company collective agreements address issues that are specific to the company such as job roles, career advancement, company policies, and other terms and conditions of employment that may not be covered by sectoral agreements.
All companies in Spain are governed by either a National or Regional Collective Bargaining Agreement. If a company does not have its own Company Collective Agreement, it is required to follow the National or Regional Collective Bargaining Agreement.


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