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In Spain, you can find the following items on your payslip:Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 6.05.52 AM.png

  1. Empresa (Company): The legal name of the company, its fiscal address, the CIF, and the contribution account (social security number).
  2. No INSCRIPCIÓN S.S.:The number used in Spain to register a company with Social Security.
  3. Trabajador (Employee): Employee’s full name, ID, social security affiliation number, professional category or group, contribution group, date of seniority or entry to the company, and contract code.
  4. Periodo (Settlement period): The work period for the month, including the start and end dates.
  5. Devengo (Accruals): "Devengos" refers to the detailed summary of the employee’s monthly earnings before any deductions.
  6. Deduccion (Deductions): The company’s Social Security contributions cover disability leave, pension, and unemployment insurance. Deductions include payment in kind and IRPF withholding. The remaining salary after these deductions is the Net Salary (Liquido a percibir).
    i) Contingencias Comunes (Social Security contributions): These deductions are divided into common contingencies, unemployment, professional training
    ii) Retencion IRPF (IRPF income tax): This is the personal income tax. The amount is calculated according to the income of the employee and it may increase or decrease if there are changes in your salary, such as raises or bonuses.
    iii) Cheque Restaurante: This is the meal allowance, provided as a Benefit in Kind (BIK) by Cobee, which allows employees to exchange a portion of their salary for this allowance. While this exchanged portion is still a part of the employee's salary, it is added separately under the "Cheque restaurante" section for better understanding.
    iv) Descuento Flex: This item represents a deduction of the meal allowance (Cheque Restaurante) that an employee chooses to exchange for a meal allowance. This item is the same value of Cheque Restaurante but shown as a negative value in your payslip and it indicates that the amount was received in Kind.
    v) Seguro Medico Especie: This is the health insurance amount paid by the company. vi) Dcto. conceptos en especie: This is the deduction of any Benefit In Kind the employee receives that has been paid by the company and it has to be reflected on the employee’s payslip for taxation purposes.
    vii) Imp.Ingr. a Cta. Esp. Cgo.Tra: The amount of advance tax payment at the employer's expense for providing income in-kind benefits (to employees). The first EUR 500.00 is tax-free, and once the employee accrued benefit for the year exceeds the EUR 500.00, the employee will have to pay the associate tax shown. The item appears once a 500EUR tax-free benefit from the government is exhausted in a year.
  7. Taxes: 
    i) Cotizacion Contigencias Comunes:
    The employee's fixed social security contribution amount for Common Contingencies.
    ii) Cotizacion Formacion profesional: The employee's fixed social security contribution amount for professional training.
    iii) Cotizacion desempleo: The employee's fixed social security contribution amount for unemployment
    iv) Tributacion IRPF: Taxes on salaries
  8. Rem Total: Total remuneration
  9. P.P Extras: Taxes on the pro-rated 13 and 14th months salaries
  10. Base C.C (Base Cotizacion): Taxable Social Security base. This is used to calculate maternity and paternity benefits
  11. Base A.T. Y DES: Base for AT (Accident at work) and DES (unemployment)
  12. Base IRPF: Base income amount subject to income taxes
  13. T.Devengado: Total accrued amount
  14. T. A Deducir: Total deducted amount
  15. Liquido a percibir: Net amount the employee will receive

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