How does employee transfer from one entity to another work?

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When an employee is hired through one of Remote's entities, but plans to relocate, they will need to be transferred to the new entity. Here's how it works: 

Onboard in new country

  1. On the Remote platform, the employee's manager (company admin) will need to set up a new employment profile (through the add new employee flow) for this existing employee using the new country. 
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  2. Fill out the employment details using the new country and invite the employee to onboard. 
  3. Once the employee completes their profile, an Onboarding specialist will be assigned to their case. 
  4. Our Mobility team will conduct a Right To Work check after which, the Onboarding specialist will send the employee a contract for their signature.

Resign from current country

  1. Once the employee has been onboarded to the new country, they will need to resign from the entity they are currently hired in. Please note: The resignation date used should be a day before the new employment start date. 
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  2. Once the resignation request has been received, the employees manager will need to review and approve it.
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  3. Once approved, we will pay out any accrued PTO and then the employee entity transfer process is complete. 

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