How do I review employees' expenses?

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When an employee submits expenses, they are sent to your team to approve. The company owner, admins, have the permission level to review an employee's expense requests. People managers are only able to view and approve the expenses of the team members assigned to them.

When an employee submits a new expense, you will get an email notification; and from your Remote dashboard, you will also see a notification about it. At the moment, it is not possible to configure the email notifications so they only go (or not at all) to specific company admins. We are working on making this possible very soon.

Expenses can also be approved from the Payroll approvals tab. 

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Review expenses

  1. From the Expenses tab, you get an overview of all the expenses that have been submitted for reimbursement.
  2. When you click on the 3 dots icon, you can view the expense details.


  3. If the details are satisfactory, click on Approve.

Approve multiple expenses

If you have multiple expenses to approve, you can choose to bulk approve them rather than approve them individually. 


Approved expenses

  • When an expense is approved, the status changes to Approvedand it moves to the Approved section.


  • If the expense request is submitted and approved before the 11th of the month, 11:59PM UTC, it will be paid out to the employee in the same month. If it is approved after the 11th of the month, it will be paid out in the following month. 

We have an exception to this in Bulgaria, Germany and countries where we run a semi-monthly payroll. The payroll cutoff date in Bulgaria is the 1st of the month and not 11th while the payroll cutoff in Germany is different each month. 




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