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Details about company billing at Remote can be found in the Billing tab

Billing tab overview 

The Billing tab shows an overview of all your Employer of Record (EOR) and Global Payroll invoices (paid or unpaid), credit notes, reserves as well as contractor subscription bills. From the Billing tab, you can view your Current balance of outstanding invoices.


Here's how the Current balance widget works:

  • The Current balance is the sum of your open invoices minus any credits applied to them. The widget shows your current balance in a specific currency.
    • When you click on the widget, it filters the table to show your outstanding invoices as well as applicable credits.
    • Credit applied indicates the total amount of credits that were issued and deducted from your original invoice amounts to give your current balance.
  • If you only use our EOR or Contractor Management product, you will see one widget with your chosen billing currency. If you use our Global Payroll product (billed in a different currency from your EOR billing currency) in addition to our EOR product, you will see an additional widget showing your Current balance in the specific currency.
  • If the widget is red, this means one or more of your outstanding invoices in that currency are due. If the widget is blue, this shows you have outstanding invoices but none of them are overdue yet. If all invoices are paid and closed, the widget will not be shown.

From individual invoices you can access two additional sections: 

  • Invoice overview: To access this tab, you need to click on the invoice you'd like to look at. This tab provides a high-level overview of the selected invoice. From here, you can:

    • View the outstanding payment and the credit note (if one has been issued)
    • Pay your invoice`
    • Download an itemized report 
    • Download the invoice as a PDF

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  • Invoice breakdown: The Invoice breakdown tab allows you to view the EOR invoice breakdown by employee and includes all associated costs regarding each employee's payroll for a particular month. From here, you're also able to see the contractor subscription bill breakdown. It is possible to export the invoice report data as a CSV file.
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