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At Remote, you have the option of paying your invoice via bank transfer, ACH direct debit, SEPA direct debit, or debit/credit cards. ACH direct debit is only available to customers with USD as their billing currency, while SEPA direct debit is only available to customers with EUR as their billing currency. If your billing currency is CAD, for example, you have the option to pay your invoice via credit/debit cards or bank transfer only. 

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This article will cover how to: 

View your invoices

When a new invoice is issued, the billing contact will receive an email notification. 

  1. To view all your invoices, click on the Billing tab.
  2. Select the invoice you wish to make payment for.


Pay invoice via bank transfer 

Paying via bank transfer is more of a manual option.

  1. From the invoice page, you can choose to change your payment method.
  2. When you choose to pay via bank transfer, a payment summary will be generated which shows the payment details.
  3. If you leave this page, you can always go back to the Billing tab to retrieve the payment details.


Pay invoice via debit/credit card, ACH direct debit, SEPA direct debit

When you add a payment method, this doesn't mean that your invoice payments are deducted automatically every month. You will still need to approve the invoice payment first before we pull the funds from your account. When you pay via any of these methods, your invoice status changes to Collecting till we receive the funds in our account.


Once we have received the payment for your invoice, the status of your invoice will change to Completed


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