What is the process for renewing or extending a fixed-term contract?

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Before an employee's fixed term contract expires, we send an email notification to let you know. We send the first email notification 45 days before and the second one 15 days before the contract expires. Employees will also receive an email notification 45 days before their contract expires.

Contract extension process

When you decide to extend a fixed-term contract, it means you intend to extend the contract duration but maintain the contract terms of the existing contract. After a contract extension request has been submitted on Remote, our team will review the details, validate them, and then share a contract extension letter with the employee.

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Contract renewal process

The process for requesting a contract renewal is the same as explained above. If the contract renewal request requires a change in employment terms (e.g salary change, title change, benefits, etc), an SLA amendment will be required. This only applies to customers who signed a Master Services Agreement (MSA) and not those who agreed to our Terms of Service. Once the SLA/SO amendment has been signed, our team will reach out to the employee to share the employment agreement amendment. The entire process is complete when the employee signs the contract renewal/extension letter.

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