How can a company enable login via Single Sign-On for their company users?

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On Remote, it is possible for either a company owner or company admin to enable Single Sign-On.

  1. From the Company settings tab, go to the Authentication section.
  2. From this page, click on Turn on Single Sign-On SSO.


  3. Log into your Identity Provider (IdP), create a new App for Remote and copy the URL and Audience highlighted below to new App information.


  4. After creating an App for Remote on your Identity Provider (IdP), your IdP will share with you a URL and a certificate associated with your new Remote App.

  5. On the Turn On SSO page:

    • Add your company domain in Step 3 (this should match the company domain of your email). If your company email is, you should fill in "".

    • Copy the URL and upload the certificate from your Identity Provider to Steps 4 and 5 on this page.

  6. Click on Turn on Single Sign-On SSO. Once this is done, your company users can now use Login via SSO on Remote ­čÄë 

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