Setting up SSO in Remote with Google Workspaces

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You can setup Single Sign-On for Remote through certain Identity providers (IdPs). To do this with Google Workspaces: 

  1. On the Google Admin dashboard, go to Apps > Web and mobile apps, and click on Add App then Add custom SAML app.


  2. Set the App Name and icon as you wish and then click on Continue.
  3. On the Google Identity Provider Details step, retrieve the SSO URL and download the Certificate file to configure SSO on Remote and click on Continue.


  4. On the Service Provider Details step, fill in the configuration generated at Remote’s SSO Settings page and click on Continue.
    • ACS URL - the URL field from Remote
    • Entity ID - the Audience field from Remote
    • Tick the Signed response checkbox.


  5. On the Attribute mapping tab, add an Attribute to map the Primary email as email.


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